Most Commonly Asked Questions

Why Do Wet Wipes Need Preservatives?

Environmental requirements, e.g. from the detergent directive to use only biodegradable detergents, increase the susceptibility of the wet tissues to microbial growth.

Does Wipes Protect Against Covid-19?

Like all hand sanitizers, Wet Ones® has not been tested against COVID-19. Over the counter (OTC) hand sanitizers, liquid and wipes, are regulated by the FDA, which prohibits manufacturers

Are the Wipes Flushable ?

It is not recommended to flush wet wipes in general. We recommend that you dispose of them in the wastebasket since wet wipes do not disintegrate as quickly as toilet paper. Refer to this article for more information: “Are Wipes Flushable?”

Where Can I Buy Wet Hand Wipes?

Click here to see stores that stock Wet Wipes.